Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Youth Entrepreneurship Programme 2018/2019

Youth entrepreneurship is important in addressing high unemployment (approximately twice the adult rate). Young people are more likely to prefer self-employment than adults (OECD and the European Commission, September 2014).

Over a 3-month period, YEP endeavors to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in youth aged 18 and above by equipping them with the required business skills and life skills to be self-sustaining members of society.

December 2018 – March 2019

Klang Valley


Youth aged 18 and above (SPM-holders)

013-365 2027


Module 1 – Onboarding Camp
The youth’s journey begins with a stay-in introductory camp where they will be exposed to concept of entrepreneurship, and learn problem solving paradigms.

Module 2 – Setting a Solid Foundation
In the second stage, the youth will undergo 2-weeks of learning, which comprise both class-based training to equip them with the necessary skills and insights to create their own business, and on-ground workplace challenges that provides real-world exposure.

Module 3 – Kicking off the Entrepreneurial Journey
In the third stage, the youth will have the opportunity to run either an online or offline business for 2 weeks, with the end goal of learning how to problem-solve with empathy.

Module 4 – Experiencing the World in Real-Time
In the final stage, the youths will be placed as paid interns at selected workplaces for 6-weeks to learn the inner-workings of a corporate or start-up.

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