Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Self-empowering and Transition Employability Programme 2019

Change happens fast in the world of work, driven by innovation and by developments in technology and markets. The active participation of employers’ and workers’ representatives in vocational education and training institutions is essential to bridging this gulf (International Labour Force, November 2010).

Recognising the importance of vocational training and competency in soft skills to increase employability, STEP incorporates a mixture of classroom sessions and workplace challenges to support underprivileged youth aged 16 and above to make informed career-related decisions, in preparation for independence adulthood.

March – June 2019

Klang Valley


Youth aged 16 and above

+6013 365 2027


Module 1 – Onboarding Camp
The youth’s journey begins with a stay-in introductory camp where they will be exposed to concept of employability, and learn soft-skills to support their intention to pursue higher education or full-time employment.

Module 2 – Personal Development
In this module, the youth will be exposed to a variety of personal development skills that can support them in achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth.

Module 3 – Workplace Challenges
In the third stage, the youth will visit organisations to experience a variety of workplace challenges, in the hope that the exposure will provide them with a better understanding of how organisations work and how they may contribute as potential talents.

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