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We believe that every child has the right to dream. And every child has the right to fulfill their dreams.

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CyberCare was initiated by a group of ordinary Malaysia citizens back in April 1998.

Armed with nothing but a compelling desire to make a difference to the abandoned, abused and orphaned children, we started by enrolling the support of Microsoft Malaysia and Hitechniaga Sdn Bhd to build an electronic community for the children’s Homes (Orphanages).

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The CyberCare Story

We share a common belief that we should focus on nurturing the children using information technology as the springboard to bring out the leadership and potential of these children to help them realize unlimited possibilities for themselves and the world.

CyberCare aims to help transform the culture of social welfare of hand-outs to community care where children are proud to lead and serve community.

With a network of 90 Homes in Malaysia, CyberCare runs youth development programmes with participating universities to train volunteers to become life coaches using the Make A Difference (M.A.D.) curriculum which combines ICT training, life skills and the completion of a community-based project using these skills acquired.

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Give them a fish and they have a meal for the day. Teach them how to fish and they are out of the dependent cycle.

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CyberCare won't be possible without our passionate and dedicated team.

The CyberCare Team

Cheong Yuk Wai

Cheong Yuk Wai

Tan Ainsley

Ainsley Tan

Youth Development Manager
Wee Mei Yeng Jessica

Jessica Wee

Project Manager/Tutor A Refugee Officer
Mok Chee Meng

Mok Chee Meng

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