Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Get Involved

CyberCare organises and runs its four core programmes – Make a Difference (‘M.A.D’), Self-empowering and Transition Employability Programme (‘STEP’), Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (‘YEP’), and Tutor-A-Refugee-Child Programme (‘TARC’) – with support from sponsors, volunteers and trainers who are committed to its vision to empower the underprivileged communities living in Malaysia.

We invite you to partner with us on one or more of the following roles, to engage and transform the lives of young adults in immeasurable ways.

Be A Sponsor

Programme sponsors play an invaluable part in ensuring the sustainability of our efforts. As our programmes includes a mixture of classroom learning and real-world experiences, you can lend a hand by co-designing a workplace challenge to be included in the learning module, or provide internship placement for the deserving young adults.

CyberCare also invites sponsors to consider philanthropic giving, as the monetary contribution will help subsidise the cost needed to organise and execute its youth development programmes, and to retain the needed manpower to ensure the youth continue to have access to quality life-skills training.

Be A Volunteer

Volunteers have a key role to play in each of our youth development programmes, as they take on the role of coach and mentor to the youth during the course of their learning journey. If you are passionate about serving, we invite you to register with us as one of our volunteers.

You may also choose to set up your own volunteer group to support the homes near your area. Check out our Homes directory to find a home near you, or update the database if there are homes missing from the list!

Be A Trainer

Our programmes have been carefully designed to ensure the youth achieve the best possible outcome, be it increasing their employability skills or growing their business acumen.

We invite trainers to come onboard to help us facilitate the programmes, while simultaneously imparting crucial real-world experiences to ensure the youth receive a holistic learning experience.