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Every child has the right to dream.

And every child has the right to fulfil their dreams.

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The CyberCare Story

Founded in April 1998, CyberCare Youth Organisation creates programmes and activities that lend opportunity for institutions, organisations and individuals to make a more profound impact on the underprivileged youth’s education, development and career prospects.
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YEP 2018/2019

Youth entrepreneurship is important to address high unemployment.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) is a 3-month programme that endeavours to instil an entrepreneurial mindset in youth aged 18 and above by equipping them with the required business skills and life skills to be self-sustaining members of society.

STEP 2019

Vocational training and competency in soft skills is crucial to increase employability.

The Self-empowering and Transition Employability Programme (‘STEP’) is a 10-week programme created to empower youth aged 16 and above to make informed career-related decisions in preparation for independence adulthood, through exposure to real-world challenges.

Tutor a Refugee Child

Every child should have a right to education but refugee children are not accepted in government schools.

Every week, CyberCare pools together volunteers to teach the children how to read and write, be employable and have a better chance to get relocated.

Change Makers’ Project (CMP)

A joint-collaboration with professional trainers, the Change Makers’ Project (‘CMP’) is designed to help nurture and empower a new generation of trainers to run CyberCare’s programmes.

Join Our Community

At CyberCare, we believe in partnerships. Since our inception, we have reached out to over 90 Homes, and engaged with over 1,200 youths. With the aspiration to transform the landscape of social welfare, we invite you to come onboard as supporters and collaborators of our programmes.

Be A Sponsor

Lend your leadership to benefit the underprivileged youth living in Malaysia.

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Support and mentor the youth to achieve success during our programmes and events.

Be A Trainer

Help facilitate and implement our youth development programmes with your professional insights

Be A Leader

Lead your own support group by bringing together like-minded volunteers